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Racing oils and lubricants to maintain your dirt bike

We all know the saying: “What you put in is what you get out.” Well! Putting in the right engine oil, braking fluid, coolant, air filter oil or putting in the time to clean and maintain your mx or off-road bike, means you will always get out the benefits of good maintenance which means less engine failures, broken or worn parts and more fun on the track and trails.

Gear2win carries oils and lubricants by Maxima, Putoline, Denicol, Twin Air and more with specialized coolants by Twin Air and Engine ICE to help keep the engine running cooler in the sand, mud and hot conditions.

Tips and tricks to keeping your dirt bike ship shape

  • First things first! Wash all the dirt, mud and grime off using a good bike wash like Muc-Off or Factory bike-wash.  You can also use a chain cleaner for oily/ dirty or hard to clean areas. Use a Twin Air filter cover to avoid water going into your airbox and carburetor.

  • Dry your bike either with towelling or compressed air if available and apply a de-watering/penetrating lubricant to all the moving parts (levers, footpegs, springs, levers, cables etc.) to avoid corrosion (don’t apply to brakes or discs).

  • Check your chain for correct tension and apply a good chain lube for lubrication. While down there check sprockets for wear and tear and replace accordingly.

  • Make sure your brake discs are clean and straight (use a brake cleaner to get rid of any oils or dirt). Check brake pads and replace before they hit the metal and damage your discs.

  • Check your air filter after every ride and make sure it is oiled with a good tacky filter oil. Clean your dirty air filter with the appropriate cleaner (biodegradable cleaners and oils are available so think of the environment and your mom’s kitchen sink).

  • Don’t forget to change oil and oil filter regularly. A good rule of thumb is every 4-5 hours of riding time. Not sure how long it’s been you can always install an hour meter to track your time on the bike.

  • Radiators can take on some damage so check them and the coolant level. Engine ice, Twin Air Ice Flow or Maxima Coolanol are excellent options to keep your engine running cooler.

  • Tire pressures should be checked before each ride. Also check spokes. We have good spoke spanners and tire gauges if you need.

  • Check over all controls (throttle, clutch lever, brake lever, kickstarter, footpes) levers and bolts. If they need lubing use a special cable lube tool or replace cables if needed. We have a range of tools and T-handles to do the job.

Fill the fuel tank (check out these easy to use gas cans) and you are ready to ride. Always use a environmentally friendly workshop mat at home or at the track. Let’s hit the track.