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Get your dirt bike electrical parts including spark plugs, hour meters, lithium batteries and battery chargers, kill switches starter motors and more at Gear2win.
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Dirt bike electrical parts and accessories to get you amp’d

We all know the feeling when you go to start your mx bike or enduro bike and it just won’t kick into life. You can be the fastest bloke on the block but if your bike won’t start you are DNS and DNF before you even get to the gate. 

Spark plugs and caps

Gear2win has all types of spark plugs for your make of motorcycle. Be it the normal NGK standard spark plug or gold palladium, iridium or platinum types, we have them on stock. Spark plug covers and cables are also available.

Hour meters to log your bike

Logging the hours on your dirtbike can be very useful when you have an hour meter, be it wireless or with cable.  Use it to track the service life, oil changes, valve adjustments, spark plugs, settings and more and there is no doubt you will reap the benefits of a well serviced dirt bike. 

Batteries and battery chargers

Many bike manufacturers place lead batteries as standard in their motorcycles.  New battery technology allows much lighter lithium batteries with stronger amperage to replace their heavy counterparts to make your bike lighter and still give you the boost to start your engine first time. Chargers are also available with quick charge function as well as booster starter kits and jump cables. Many have a power supply function for charging smartphones, tablets and any electronic devices.

CDI units and stator coils

If you are having issues with your CDI unit or stator coils contact one of our customer service specialists and we can source an OEM or aftermarket replacement. 

Starter motors

Having trouble with your starter motor?  Gear2win supplies aftermarket starter motors for most makes of motorcycles at an affordable price. Free shipping from €49.

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