Motocross knee brace protection and knee guards

Many people invest in a set of knee braces only after they have had a serious knee injury. Prevention is always better than cure and we can only advise that investing in a set of knee-braces is the best way to protect your knees and ligaments for the future. Riding a motocross and offroad dirt bike puts an enormous amount of stress and strain on your knees and with the given danger of ruts, rocks, tree stumps and other obstacles it is inevitable that your knees are going to take a hammering.

Knee-braces come with a hefty price tag but the prevention of injury far outweighs the pain and medical bills incurred when something does go wrong. Knee guards or knee stabilizers are a cheaper alternative which offer impact protection but do not offer the rigid support of the ligaments like top of the range knee-braces.  

Fitting your MX knee braces

Generally we measure from the center point of the knee cap. Measure 15cm or 6 inches vertically up the thigh. Then measure the circumference or diameter at that point. This is your 'Thigh Circumference’ which you can reference back to the sizing charts for each manufacturer. Our experienced staff are also happy to help you with your measurements and fitment.

Other knee protection and accessories at Gear2win

We offer spares and replacement accessories for all our motocross knee braces and mx knee guards. If you are worried about the knee braces damaging your pants from wear and tear we also offer a special kevlar knee protection wrap to help protecting your pants and bike decals. Most braces come in sizes for kids and adults and remember if they don’t fit, just return them and we will replace them with the correct size or refund your purchase.