Motocross neck braces for support and safety

Neck braces are designed and developed to protect and support the neck and upper spinal region.  Using advanced materials for safer, flexible, more adjustable, more comfortable fits mx neck braces come in an assortment of sizes for kids and adults.

Choosing the right fitting MX neck brace

When choosing the right size neck brace we suggest to measure the distance around the chest, measured high on the chest and just under the arms. Like in this video:

This will give you the circumference of the thorax/sternum which you can then relate back to the specific sizing chart as per each independant neck brace manufacturer. Atlas for example, has its own tape measure which you can print yourself.

Remember if you order a neck brace and it doesn’t fit, just return it to us or come and and see us in the shop and we will assist you with the fitment.  A neck brace does take some getting used to so ensure you ride at least 3-4 times with the brace in order to get used to the feel and range of movement.  Most braces come with different pads for height settings so use these to get the best fitment and feel possible.

Other protective wear compatible with your neck brace

Many helmet manufacturers have changed the design in their shells to compliment the support of the neck brace with a flatter base which distributes the pressure and impact more evenly across the base of the shoulders.  Motocross body protectors are also now designed to accommodate the neck brace wings on the back and front chest areas with removable parts or areas that allow the brace to fit snug.

Custom made sticker sets are also available for most models of motocross neck braces.  Give us a call or chat with one of our experts who will help you with the design of your custom neck brace sticker sets.