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Motocross tires for all terrains - getting you the best traction possible.

Choosing the right MX tire can make a huge difference depending on the type of terrain you are riding or racing on.  Having the right combination of front and rear tire creates stability, superior traction and steering.

Riding in the sand.

Scoop tires are now the must have when riding in deep sand.  You will be lost in the pack without one. Their paddle or scoop form and wider spacing between the tread allows the tire to enhance your traction while driving you through the thick sand. They are available from 19 inch to 10 inch (50cc).  Sand front tires carry a different pattern as well. Their more pointed knob profile and larger spacing in between the tread allows the tire to dig into the sand thus carrying more stability and traction with superior steering. The Dunlop MX12, Pirelli Scorpion MX Soft 410 are leaders with the Gibson MX5.1 offering an option from 50cc 10 inch rear tires and up.

Riding on mid-soft to hard terrain.

Loamy tracks generally work best with a mid-soft compound tire.  The Pirelli MXMISO 32 or DUNLOP MX33 are great options for that intermediate terrain.  Riding on those typical blue grooved hard pack tracks especially in the summer months would be best suited with a Dunlop Geomax 71 with a directional tread pattern and block distribution optimising handling and traction on hard surfaces

Enduro tires 18”

The Michelin  and Dunlop FIM approved Enduro tires are race approved and street legal tyres that offer Increased traction, corner grip and improved wear.

Tubes and mousses

Heavy duty tubes help minimize punctures and if you can afford a mousse that certainly takes the risk away when going for a championship or big win.