Polisport Ignition Cover Protector EXC250/300 17-.. TPI Orange

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Polisport Ignition Cover Protector

Polisport Ignition Cover Protector will excel in rocky terrains and protects your ignition cover from impacts and scratches, preserving the looks of the ignition cover and keeping it in good shape.

  • Abrasion and impact resistant
  • Built in Rubber O-Ring
  • Easy and Intuitive installation (no need to disassemble the clutch cover).
  • Hard Shell in hard resistant PA6
  • Perfect fit to the Ignition Cover
  • Free clearence to the oil filter cover and cap
  • Optimum protection against rocks impact.
  • All mounting hardware is included.
  • Slim design to minimize interference with the rider’s boots.
  • Resistance to high continuous temperature.
  • Available in black and brand colors

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