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From brake pads, to brake discs, oversized rotors and brake line kits, Gear2win offers you all the stopping power you need for your motorcycle
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Motocross brake pads, discs, brakes and accessories

Going fast is one thing but stopping just as fast is equally as important on a motocross or off-road dirt bike. Depending on what type of terrain or tracks you ride on can determine which kind of brake pad compound you choose, or wether you need an oversized rotor or not. If you have a bent disc caused by a first turn pile-up or a tree jumped out at you while on your enduro ride no sweat we have all the replacement rotors, parts and accessories to get you back on the track.  

Choosing the right brake pads

Brake pads come in different compounds and choosing the right one can be quite daunting sometimes. Generally we advise on sintered brake pads which combines maximum stopping power with high temperature resistance to eliminate any possible brake fade. You you may want to go with a harder compound to help save a bit of money as they generally take longer to wear out especially when riding in sand and muddy conditions.

Brakes and discs caliper stopping power

Replacing your standard front or rear rotor is as easy as ABC. If you want to experience that extra stopping power try an oversized disc and caliper adapter and you will be be surprised at the extra meters gained on the track and trails. Aftermarket brake calipers for 50/65/85cc offer an alternative to standard OEM which doubles the brake pad size, resulting in a more powerful brake and longer life span of the brake pads.

Make sure you check out our brake bleeding tool - every toolbox should have one and it’s the prefect way to bleed your brakes and get rid of that spongy feeling and keep your brake lines maintained and serviced

Our customer service specialists will gladly advise you on the best choice for your bike and riding capability so contact us by chat, email or phone.

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