Motocross goggles - a clear vision is key

MX goggles are available for kids, adults and OTG (Over the glass) models for people who wear glasses while riding. Choosing the right dirt bike goggles and lens is not rocket science but there are many options available which can help to make your dirt bike riding experience more pleasurable and safe. Keeping a clear vision is paramount in MX, Enduro and dirt bike riding.  

MX goggles and all the accessories you need

Find the model that suits your face and helmet opening. Dual layered foam helps absorb sweat and seal the goggle to your face to ensure no unwanted dirt or sand enters the goggle and impairs your vision. 

Most brands offer a goggle roll-off system which is slowly becoming compulsory as many federations and tracks do not allow the use of tear-offs anymore. Accessories such as mud flaps, canisters and roll-off replacement films are available. Where it is allowed you can have the choice between normal tear-off packs or laminated tear-offs which is what most of the pro and MXGP riders use today. Laminated tear-offs allows you to place up to 7 times more tear-offs on your goggle without impairing or blurring your vision. Because they are laminated they also don’t allow dirt or water between them which is a huge advantage over regular tear-offs. However, do remember that many tracks are now banning tear-offs as they are not environmentally friendly so you may want to look at the motocross goggles with roll-off systems as an alternative.

MX goggle lenses are mostly anti fog and come in a range of tints and materials. i.e. Clear, grey, mirror, persimmon as well as dual layered for extra assurance of no fogging. Lexan and injection moulded lenses are made to withstand rocks and other debris that are ejected at high speeds, protecting your precious eyes.

Nose pieces are available and removable.