Rekluse Clutch RadiusCX SHRCO 250/300

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Rekluse Clutch RadiusCX SHRCO 250/300

RadiusCX Clutch Kit

  • RadiusCX is a top-of-the-line auto clutch product that brings together all of Rekluse's latest technology into one package
  • TorqDrive® friction disk technology coupled with EXP and Core technology results in significant advancement in auto performance with exceptional hook-up, lever feel and durability
  • Better starts, carry more speed, focus on the line and not on the clutch
  • Perfect power delivery every time
  • Maintain momentum and use the torque of your motor without worrying about stalling
  • Increased power transfer over OEM
  • Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain
  • Optimized pressure plate design provides our best lever feel; consistent control and behavior
  • Core components deliver improved oil flow and stability over wide temperature ranges
  • TorqDrive friction disks provide longer clutch life with less adjustment over time
  • Rekluse sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching
  • Made in the U.S.A

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    SHERCOSC 2502020
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    SHERCOSE 3002019
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    SHERCOSE-R 2502018
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