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Renthal Handlebar+Pad CR80/85 01-.. Silver

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Renthal Motocross Handlebar

High-end Motocross Handlebars from Renthal

Renthal employs extremely close tolerances and an exclusive alloy, specifically developed for the manufacture of handlebars with specific properties that help limit vibration (a common cause of rider fatigue).

Combined with the patented clamps and brace system Renthal Standard 22 mm bars provide riders with the perfect amount of flex whilst maintaining the strength required for the rigours of Motocross and Supercross. The clamp system is bonded to the bar using a high shear adhesive to minimize the chance of clamp movement.

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HONDACR 80 R1986
HONDACR 80 R1987
HONDACR 80 R1988
HONDACR 80 R1989
HONDACR 80 R1990
HONDACR 80 R1991
HONDACR 80 R1992
HONDACR 80 R1993
HONDACR 80 R1994
HONDACR 80 R1995
HONDACR 85 R2003
HONDACR 85 R2004
HONDACR 85 R2005
HONDACR 85 R2006
HONDACR 85 R2007