All Non Document shipments into Qatar, regardless of value, will be formally cleared through customs. The following charges may apply:

  • Customs duty
  • Bill of entry (Bayan) charges
  • Disbursement fees for DTU shipments mode

These charges will be collected from the consignee by DHL upon delivery when shipped as DTU.


Diminimus QAR 1,000

Based on CIF value

Where shipment value > QAR 1,000 CIF

5% duties will be applicable based on HS Codes

Duty rate

For most products the duty rate is 5%

VAT Rate   

There is no VAT or sales tax applicable on imports into Qatar

Customs Import Bill of Entry Fee

QAR 20.00 - this applies to all shipments regardless of value

Disbursement Fees

QAR 30.00 – applies where DHL Express pays duties on behalf of the importer

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