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Pro Circuit - WORKS PIPE KTM250 '03-07

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Pro Circuit exhaust systems for 2-stroke engines are specifically designed for riders who demand peak performance out of their machines. The winningest aftermarket pipes in the off-road world, these systems have proven again and again to be the choice of pros and serious riders looking for the ultimate in power and performance.


The first Pro Circuit pipe built with bare metal finish, giving it a unique style that sets it apart from all other pipes

Durable construction conforms to the natural shape of the motorcycle for exceptional fit and performance

Reinforced brackets and stingers prevent cracking, and CNC-machined flange provides precise leak-free fit

Distinctive design yields increased horsepower and stronger throttle response throughout the entire rpm range

Excellent choice for those who want factory-level high-performance features

Features include stamped AKDQ high-quality carbon steel construction

Hand-welded and pounded seams

Embossed nameplate and CNC-machined exhaust flange
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