The new range of ATLAS Neck braces are in store.  Available in all sizes for ADULT and YOUTH.  


All new sleek design. Made to fit you better.

When something is designed to work beautifully, it tends to look that way, too. Our purpose was to create an experience that was simpler, lighter, more adjustable, and fit better - while building on the things people love about Atlas. The result speaks for itself.

Details make the experience.

By taking away design elements that don’t add value, we are able to simplify complex features to define their function without distractions. Surfaces have been stripped of unnecessary elements and have a beautiful matte finish, the shape is sleek and modern, and everything just works like there isn't another logical way to do it. It just makes sense.

Multiple sizes. Multiple frames.

One size neck brace doesn't fit all. We design each frame size individually to provide the correct fit, function, and experience across the range of sizes. Manufacturing three frame sizes enables us to remove unnecessary adjustment hardware, weak points, and increase the functional flexibility with a perfect fit for the intended size.

Spine free.

All new back supports are shorter, but increase contact with the body by 8% over the previous model. Shorter back supports help prevent potential injuries caused by long back supports, and ours still avoid your spine by sitting on the surrounding muscles. They also fold for storage by pivoting on weightless CNC machined aluminum axles.

Sternum free.

All new chest support design is stronger, lighter, more compatible with chest protectors, and still sits around your sternum on the surrounding muscles. A win, win, win… win.