Rocker mini BMX

What’s a Rocker you may ask? No it has nothing to do with music, punks or poets.

Rocker mini BMX’s are chunky mini versions of 20” BMX bikes designed to take a serious amount of adult sized abuse. They have been specifically designed with Fat tyres, massive bars, top load stems and are every bit as RAD as a 20”. Plus they are great fun for kids from 4 years old to Dad’s or even grandads of 40+ year.

With a generous selection of colours to choose from + some rare LTD edition models, Rockers are very collectible.

IROK and IROK+ Rocker BMX

The Rocker IROK is the best compromise of affordability, performance & quality for those starting out in mini BMX. It’s RAD, fast rolling, adult proof and features many quality Taiwanese BMX components you won’t find on other so called 'mini BMX’s'. IROK’s are about having a blast with your mates and are clearly recognised and accepted as a global extreme & fun sport that’s here to stay. It’s likely you have seen dudes shredding IROK’s at your local park & wondered, "where can I get one?". Well you can get one here, direct from Gear2win!

How to pimp your Rocker

BMX We offer a range of parts and accessories for your Rocker BMX. Tyres come in some whacky colors and combinations and generally include an inner tube. Seats, handlebars, forks, pedals and grips are all available and replaceable. Rockers are very maintenance free and can take a bashing.